Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy New Year :-)

Well, here we are, 2008. I hope everyone had a great holidays, I know I did. I had almost 2 whole weeks off, and it was much needed. Christmas was fantastic, being at home with my parents and brothers with their wives. Its nice to have such a great family. I got some good stuff, needed no less. When did it happen that Christmas became a matter of actually getting things we need, instead of things we desire? When did we grow up and become responsible? Ugh, to be a kid again. :-)

New years was yet another great time. I went to Connecticut to visit some friends and hang out with them and other fraternity brothers. What an outstanding time!! We got there Saturday, so it was a nice extended party. Talk about good fun!! And oh my, did we drink! Nothing like ringing in the new year with a game of champagne pong, with the champagne still in the bottle!!
LOL. Good fun, and massively drunk after that!! Good times, good times...

Back to work, and a new year. Hopefully this one is better than the last, as always I hope, and may it be better for everyone. Happy new year all!!

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Kristi said...

Happy New Year!! We were disappointed we couldn't make it down too. Darn kids get in the way of all the fun stuff. I was looking forward to meeting your girlfriend :)!