Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Ugh, one thing in the world I hate pretty close to the most is shopping. I generally do well, but it takes me forever to get the intestinal fortitude to get out there and get it done. So, that being said, the holiday season is a living nightmare for me. ARGH!! And, to top it off, its the g/f's birthday around this time, so now I have to have "thought" into that gift as well. :-p I have nearly all of it done, save for a last few. I'm proud of myself, cause this could quite possibly be the earliest I have ever finished shopping. Its been standard for me to have to shop Christmas eve to get at least most, if not all my gifts. :-) I'm good under pressure.

The good thing, I get to enjoy this Christmas, cause I actually have some semblance of money to blow on the family this year. Nice. I leave Saturday to head to the parents for the week, to visit with my brothers and their wives, and my mom and step dad. Good times a plenty!! If I don't post again, Happy Holidays, all!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Ugh, the Northeastern weather

What a crappy few days. 11" Thursday, Friday was nice, Saturday was ok. Then last night thru today... yuck!! Rain, snow, sleet, ice... all of it. Bleh!!! I'm getting too old to shovel this 40 lb. per square inch wet snow crap. Nothing worse than wet snow, and nothing better to break your back in. How did I get to be turning 60 in my mid 30's??? Guess that's what happens when you have 7 surgeries in your youth for screwing up every joint in your body. :-) Good fun.

Well, someone has returned from the west coast, so my week of relaxation is over. No sooner was it over, than there's been 3 fights about things that I don't even know. 1am, after a night of drinking and being a tired s.o.b. is NOT a time to start an argument over something that I STILL don't know what it was. Argh.

Hopefully I can even make it out of my road tomorrow to go to work. Then again, I can work from home, and it's SO much quieter at home to work. Hmmm... My road is still one big sheet of ice. My little P.O.S. Honda Civic ain't gonna make it, most likely. Oh well!! ;-)

One more week, and then I'm outta here for the holidays. Home to visit the fam-damily for a week, then off to the Bags's in CT for a party. GOOD TIMES, baby!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

2.5 hours

What kind of time is that, you ask? That's how long it took me to get home from work today, thanks to the 8" (and still going) of snow. Ugh. The kicker? How far do I have to travel from work to the digs?? 20 miles, 30 miles? No, a mere 5 MILES!!! Yep, 5 miles, 2.5 hours... that hurts to even figure out the mph I was doing. Why is it a state in the Northeast like Mass has drivers who drive like they have never seen snow before?!??! WTF????

I'm spent, and that means there will be imbibing of my fave, the captain, for the evening. 'Nuff said, time to make life fuzzy ;-)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

An easy week

This is going to sound bad, and I know I'll get some good comments out of this, but... It's a good week. Why? you ask... cause the time is all mine. That's right, California called someone for a week, and now I get a week to myself. :-) Wonderful. Mean, kinda. True, definitely. I need to recuperate, and regain myself, and get some aspect of what's going on. This is a nice way of it happening. No worries, I can make dinner without a half hour discussion, and I can be at my house all week relaxing. Sweet.

So, upcoming plans for the holidays are looking good. Going home to visit the parents, and brothers with their wives. Good times there, my family is great. New years? HA! Weekend long party coming!! Vinny Bags is hosting, and this guy has some beer pong redemption in mind... Bringing the Manson CDs, and rocking out, baby!! :-) Its gonna be one helluva way to bring in the New year.

Work is work, and today we were officially unofficially told that we're definitely, but not definitely, being sold off. Huh!?? Yeah, its called reading between the lines. Ugh. Another change in ownership. All we can do is hope that its someone who wants to do something with us, unlike certain current owner screw ups. :-p

Anyone want to do my Christmas shopping for me? I hate shopping. Its my only anxiety of the holidays, cause I always hate the gifts I get people. Pay and pray, I call it. Here's to hoping I do well this year.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I warned you..

that I wasn't good at keeping up on things like this. Especially with a chaotic work place lately, and "other things" that take way too much time and effort. Ugh. I am one worn out mofo right about now. Too much work, too little relaxing and enjoying myself.

Work... what a fitting word. Last 2 weeks, no less than 50-55 hours each, week before that, over 60. And salary, so, no OT, and no comp time. How nice. And now?? My company has put us on the chopping block. That's right, a mere year and a half after relieving my fun little start up company that was all happy and growing enormously, sending us to hell and back by becoming part of the big giant ass momo corp that they are, they've decided they bit off more than they could chew. Sooo, we're up for sale. How nice. I hate big corporations. :-p

And if that don't top all, there is no relaxing at home. Always the constant struggle to find the way to recharge, and home life ain't cutting it. I'm just bitter.

Oh, and I hereby resurrect one of my all time favorite acronyms.... AWAC. Those of you who know me, know what it means, and its been in storage for several years. It is now alive and well, and someone please let me know if there is any sane ones out there.....

Adios, till next time.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


So everyone is getting on my case about my rant, friends that is. Telling me that I'd be toast if someone saw it. Tough crap. I made this so I could rant about whatever I want to. :-) That was it that day, cause I just needed to vent, and someone was not able to handle it. So I wrote, and it was a good release, and now its gone.

Thank you all for your concern, I'm a big boy. Live in my shoes for a day, you'd have rants as well.

Why like now, I would have a nice one about work, which I am just finishing up now, after a 14 hour day. And my reward? I have to be on a conference call at 7am tomorrow.... er, today. Yee haw. And, I have to be up at 5am on Thursday as well, for another 12hour day... can you see my excitement thru the computer? Really, look hard, I think you might be able to...... ARGH!!

On a better note, Shaggy's a great host, so I had a great weekend. We got stupid, we drank, and backgammon with 3-man rules is a fantastic game!! :-) Shaggy... We WILL do that again!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Like I said, I'm not good at this...

So here I am on post 2, finally. Yeah, few days past, but I guess that's what happens when you are a slave to the man. Well, and the woman... ugh. Let's just say, work is a pain, cause there apparently is no one else in my company to do what I do. So, it all falls on me. Yay... not. :-p

Let's also say, women are a scourge on men. If they weren't so beautiful and had that special something that I like, I'd be done with them. Me, I have a thorn in my side known as "E". She can be one miserable pain in the butt. Loves to fight, whereas I couldn't care for it, and am way too laid back a person to get into it. She hates that. Women, listen to me... when something is over, its over. No recalling it 100000000000 times to rehash what happened. OK, I didn't call you while you were out partying when you said I could. Ok, I said sorry, didn't know that meant TO call you, no matter what. I said sorry. Ok, an hour of fighting in front of my friend, Tool, STILL DOESN'T SOLVE IT. It does nothing more than PISS ME OFF!! Sorry, lots of yelling, but really, how many times can you keep going on about something??

Rant over.

I'm off this weekend to go see my good friend, and fraternity lil bro, Shaggy. Good times a coming!!! Should be sweet. Short 3 hour drive on Friday, women left at home, and able to drink all the damn beer I can handle. :-) Good times. Off to the Oasis in 2 days....

Thursday, November 1, 2007

so i decided to start doing this

Yeah, I'm joining everyone else. More so some of my good friends, like my fraternity little bro. Kick ass kid, good fun.

Why am I doing this? Not sure, guess I have a lot of rambling in my head, thought it might be interesting to put it out there. I'm sure I won't be an everyday blogger, I'm just not that dedicated of the get-go, but I'll do what I can. Let's see how it goes.

The name is Timmy Z. I'm not young, I'm not old. I love having fun :-) I work hard, and try to play hard.

I'll have to work on what I'm really going to write here, but at least here's a start, and a welcome.