Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Here I am again

You might ask why I am writing at 1:30am. Well, I'm waiting to work, at 2:30am. UGH. Ridiculous that again I sit here and have to work at odd hours. I thought I was rid of these days 5 years ago when I was with Nextel working all night shifts after the full day of work. Oh well, I guess its one of those unwritten things in those contracts for your salary... being the bitch. The good thing is that despite all the crap going on at work, with the potential sale and all, is that they have been "singled out as a critical employee", and "will be contacted with what this means." Hmmm. Rumor? :-) Retention bonus!!!! Nice. This could be the HUGE break this guy has been looking for!! Could 2008 FINALLY be the year that I make it out of the barely getting by? Now, by no means am I bad off, just that I'm not as comfortable as I want. Call it wanting to live REAL nice, not just nice :-)

This weekend should be yet another good time. I am having people over to have a little soiree. One of my friends birthdays is Saturday, and we all have Monday off... so, why not a PARTY!! Good times a-coming, again :-D Anyone in the area, drop me a line and come on by the old digs, and have a beer. Or two. Or however many you want!

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