Friday, January 11, 2008

All work and no play...

Makes me a dull boy. That about sums up the last week, work and more work. At least Wednesday my friend Tool scored some tickets to a local college hockey game, BC versus Vermont. Good game, good fun to watch. BC won 4-1. They had this little guy that, I admit, I kinda laughed at in the intros. The guy was like 5'5", and 100 pounds in pads. His line mates were each 6'+, 200 lbs. He looked like a little kid. Next thing you know, he's making everyone on the ice look like kids in a man's game. AMAZING player!! Fast as heck, and great skill with the puck. He had 1 goal and 2 assists in the game, and was the 1st star. The credo "never judge a book by the cover" strikes again.

So work has decided that I need to travel to my top client and teach them how to do their job. Yippee. Now I have to go to Los Angeles in a couple weeks, and make nice nice with this client. Anyone who knows me, knows I don't play the kiss ass game too well. Ugh. I guess the things you have to do for someone who brings in almost 50% of a company's revenue gets things like this. Oh well, its a free trip to LA to scope it out. Been there once, but just drove
thru to get to the airport. Could be interesting, I suppose. Look at the bright, as I always try to tell myself.


-RwB said...

Nice... where in LA? I had to do some work out there in Santa Monica for about a month once, and also had to work in Irvine south of the city. Good times. I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express in Santa Monica, and used the famous line of staying there the night before probably 10 times a day.

Timmy Z said...

Sweet. I'm actually going to be in Santa Monica, the Doubletree there. I have been to Irvine a couple times as well. Got any tips to good places to go in Santa Monica?