Monday, December 17, 2007

Ugh, the Northeastern weather

What a crappy few days. 11" Thursday, Friday was nice, Saturday was ok. Then last night thru today... yuck!! Rain, snow, sleet, ice... all of it. Bleh!!! I'm getting too old to shovel this 40 lb. per square inch wet snow crap. Nothing worse than wet snow, and nothing better to break your back in. How did I get to be turning 60 in my mid 30's??? Guess that's what happens when you have 7 surgeries in your youth for screwing up every joint in your body. :-) Good fun.

Well, someone has returned from the west coast, so my week of relaxation is over. No sooner was it over, than there's been 3 fights about things that I don't even know. 1am, after a night of drinking and being a tired s.o.b. is NOT a time to start an argument over something that I STILL don't know what it was. Argh.

Hopefully I can even make it out of my road tomorrow to go to work. Then again, I can work from home, and it's SO much quieter at home to work. Hmmm... My road is still one big sheet of ice. My little P.O.S. Honda Civic ain't gonna make it, most likely. Oh well!! ;-)

One more week, and then I'm outta here for the holidays. Home to visit the fam-damily for a week, then off to the Bags's in CT for a party. GOOD TIMES, baby!

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Shaggy Bob said...

Sorry about the random calls... I apparently ended up around your area for a couple of minutes in my venture back to the Oasis on Saturday Am during the blizzard.