Wednesday, December 12, 2007

An easy week

This is going to sound bad, and I know I'll get some good comments out of this, but... It's a good week. Why? you ask... cause the time is all mine. That's right, California called someone for a week, and now I get a week to myself. :-) Wonderful. Mean, kinda. True, definitely. I need to recuperate, and regain myself, and get some aspect of what's going on. This is a nice way of it happening. No worries, I can make dinner without a half hour discussion, and I can be at my house all week relaxing. Sweet.

So, upcoming plans for the holidays are looking good. Going home to visit the parents, and brothers with their wives. Good times there, my family is great. New years? HA! Weekend long party coming!! Vinny Bags is hosting, and this guy has some beer pong redemption in mind... Bringing the Manson CDs, and rocking out, baby!! :-) Its gonna be one helluva way to bring in the New year.

Work is work, and today we were officially unofficially told that we're definitely, but not definitely, being sold off. Huh!?? Yeah, its called reading between the lines. Ugh. Another change in ownership. All we can do is hope that its someone who wants to do something with us, unlike certain current owner screw ups. :-p

Anyone want to do my Christmas shopping for me? I hate shopping. Its my only anxiety of the holidays, cause I always hate the gifts I get people. Pay and pray, I call it. Here's to hoping I do well this year.

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