Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another month gone by

And here I am once again blogging. Another month gone, and not a whole lot going on. Been working my butt off, and there's not much left to go.

My softball team made the playoffs, but we lost in the first round. :-( By 1 run. Ugh. It was a good season, and I had a lot of fun. I always enjoy softball, its such a release from the rigors of everyday.

Been golfing still, and am really having my best year. I've been in the high 80s consistently, a marked improvement for me!! LOL. I'm glad to finally be seeing this improvement.

Work sent me to Seattle this week. First time I've ever been there. Unfortunately, it was only for a day. 6am flight on a Thursday, meeting in the afternoon, and then client dinner. Fly back at 6am Friday. Ugh. Not fun. But I really liked the look of Seattle. One day, I'll have to go there to visit for a few days. Pretty good stuff.

My new nephew is great!! :-) He's such a happy little kiddo. Really is great for my brother and his wife, they're such great people! I'm actually excited again for Christmas, as they will be coming back and I will get to see his first one! :-) Such little things to make the days better.

Hopefully something good will happen soon, and I'll have better things to write. Until then.

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Shaggy Bob said...

You need an October Post to keep up te streak my friend.