Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Heh, here I am

Ok then. Well, it's been near 2 months since my last post. Deep funks of no brain activity kinda suck. :-\ I've just felt like I've had nothing to say, or just not wanted to write. This is me, those of you who don't know me well, welcome. lol.

So what's been up? Wow, so much, yet really so little. I've been playing my favorite past time a ton lately, softball. 2 leagues, Wednesday night and Thursday nights. Great fun, and I enjoy it so much. Such a great physical outlet for my angst. Unfortunately, my Wednesday night league is over, we missed the playoffs by not winning our last game. Suffer!! :-( My Thursday team is doing well, with our last regular season games (double header) this Thursday. We win one, we're definitely in, win both and we climb a seed to 3rd in the league. Not bad, really good team. As long as we get into the playoffs, I think we have a shot at winning. :-)

What else, you ask? Geez, nosy people... lol. So, LOTS of baseball this summer. I've been to at least 8 Red Sox games, including an INCREDIBLE weekend of seeing my favorite St. Louis Cardinals. Yes, weekend. All 3 games. :-) Can you say HEAVEN?!?!?!

More? A weekend in Maine with some good friends that was great fun. We went golfing at Sunday River Golf club, which was just amazing! See http://www.sundayriver.com/Golf/index.html. I tell ya, there's nothing like driving off a tee and seeing for MILES over the mountain edge. Just incredible. I've been around to see some good friends, including the Shaggy. Hey Shaggy, how's the 32" HDTV treating ya??? :-) Sorry I talked you into that!! lol!

I went to NY with Vinnie Bags and we caught a couple NY/Boston baseball games. Now that was good fun! Let me tell ya, walking home at 4 am blasted from playing Beirut (with Vinny and I being undefeated!) is good fun. Especially when its like a 40 block walk. With a pit stop at an all night diner... heh. NY - Horrified! Nice job Vinny.

Then there's been lots of just golf. Need more, I'm on the edge of getting so much better, just need to play some more. Low 90's right now, so getting there!

had a good friend who was put out for a month or so, cause his place had some broken pipes!! Not good for him. But I let him stay with me while he was getting it all fixed, and it was good to have a room mate again. He's a good guy, and probably one of the 2-3 people I could ever live with. We did well, and some fun along the way. He's all set now, and has been able to move back in. He's happy, cause it sucks to not be home no matter how welcome you are anywhere. I totally understand.

Well, I guess I've brain dumped enough for now. I'm off to NY this weekend to visit the parents and my brothers are coming into town. My new nephew is going to be baptised, and I'll be able to meet him for the first time!! I'm very excited! Should be fun.

Take care all, and I'll try and get better at this. Maybe even once a month.... :-)

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-RwB said...

so did you make the playoffs or what?