Sunday, June 1, 2008

So, its been a while

Not sure what to say, for the most part. I've been busy as heck at work, way too much going on. Had my second trip to Santa Monica to see our #1 client. Was there a few days, had some fun at night, but over all, it was business... bleh.

I hosted some fun Memorial Day weekend. Had some people over and partied the days away. Good fun! BBQ's a nice brisket. On the grill for 7 hours, and oh yummy goodness came out!! We played Baggo, and drank more than needed, which is just about the right amount! Jaeger bombs are liquid crack some nights.... Oh, and turned another year older. Yikes... getting up there now!

No idea why its been so long, I have had chances. I just haven't been in a writing mood, and just no ideas as to what to say. Busy with work. Softball has started, so I play Wednesdays and Thursdays. Fit the girlfriend in between, and when she's not busy as heck herself. Not a good mix.

This coming weekend looks to be more goodness. Off to Maine with Wilby, Tool, and Shagz to go golfing in East Bumblefuck. Newry. Where the heck is Newry!??!?! lol. Oh well, it will definitely be good times with these guys.

Till the next time, which hopefully will be sooner, unless you don't like me... in which case, why are you reading this anyways???


-RwB said...

What up... yes... sometimes a long lag goes by... but it's when you get a chance to write about the little things that make it interesting... i.e. "...and other things not so holy" by Shaggy von Bachenschteinerfreudenschloss

Kristi said...

How's life treating you over there Timmy? Haven't seen you post in a while.

Shaggy Bob said...

Timmeh? Timmeh? where are you?