Friday, February 22, 2008


Not sure if any of you have ever had a dog, but I've had a dog in my life for all but a few years of the 34. I'm a huge fan of dogs. In those years, its only been 3 dogs. Our first, Duffer, was a border collie, and was a great dog. Loads of fun and intensely loyal to my father. He was there until I was around 16. Then came Bandit, the golden retriever. Strange dog, but still was loads of fun, and was that ever wonderful man's best friend that you look for in a dog.

Then came MY first dog on my own, a black German shepherd mix, Kali, that is a joy of my life. I got her from a friend as a pup, who decided he couldn't deal with training a puppy. She's been the most wonderful dog anyone could have. I have that dog that is intensely loyal to me, and she's been nothing but great. She loves frisbee, and ball. She loves curling up with me when she can and getting her tummy scratched. Just an all around sweet dog. And now, I just learned that she's passing. Cancer. She probably doesn't have long to live. She's 13, and I hope I have made her life as full as she has made mine. She's been the best friend a man can have, and I will miss her dearly.

If you have a dog, scratch its tummy. If you've had a dog, you know what I'm dealing with. If you've never had a dog, get one. :-) You'll never regret it, they are such a joy in your life.

Kali and me, Christmas 2006. Ain't she adorable???


Willem said...

I'm sorry to hear about Kali. She was a great dog, I just wasn't up to the task of raising her properly. You did a great job with her and I know you two had a strong bond. We'll raise a beer to her in a few weeks in Boston.

Shaggy Bob said...

Sorry to hear about the Kali Mr. Z. If ya need got my digits.

Kristi said...

I remember when my parents called and told me my dog had died. His name was Duffy too, he was a miniature collie. They waited 3 days because they were afraid to call. So sad.

Dogs just don't live long enough.