Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just stopping in

Just thought I would stop in and say hi. Been kinda busy, going to a few hockey games, birthday parties, having poker at my house... etc. You know, just trying to be a bachelor!! No major complaints, and no real ups either. Kind of a blah spell. Hopefully trying to make it to the oasis this weekend, and I should be able to. Just have to see about the fantasy baseball draft on Saturday... might just let it auto pick for me. I'll have to see :-) No worries, tho, that's for sure!!

Have a good one.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Just an update

Well, of all the things, the puppy dog is doing ok. They don't know how long, but for now, she's the happy puppy she's always been. She's home again, and playing with squeaky toys, even had a walk with my Mom. That's good :-) They're not sure with out a ton of more tests to know exactly what's up, but for now, my Mom and I can just enjoy her being herself again for a while.